Sunday, May 1, 2011


My boys had a jog-a-thon at school on friday! Both of them could hardly sleep the night before because they were so excited! Brayden even wore his short soccer shorts under his jeans for the occasion. Colby was in the last "heat" and felt he had to sprint at the get go. They both did fantastic; Brayden running 12 laps and Colby 11! It was fun to run a few laps with them and watch how into it they were...even Lily! :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Brayden's Music Performance

Here's Brayden singing his heart out at his school music performance!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snowy Sunday

You'd never know from these pics, but this whole past week we went to the park daily! It was really starting to warm up! I thought winter was leaving...then it started snowing last night and we woke up to a foot of snow! Church was cancelled because the roads were so bad, so we played in the snow a lot of the day!!
Bob shoveling our neighbor's driveway across the street - they are elderly and the husband is in a wheelchair.

Lily in our awesomely shoveled driveway (compliments of me!)

Colby helping with our snowman.

Our snowman - of course Bob had to add the ice pick, skis and goggles.
Our kiddos with Mr. ski-snowman

Hope you all had as good a Sunday as us!! :)

Lily's Birthday

Lily turned 2 yesterday!!
Bob and the boys were at their skiing lessons, so it was just Lily and I most of the day!
Here's a recap of her special day...
We started it right with a Bubble Bath!
Crazy Hair

Then I took her outside to take some pics. Here is her scrunchy-nose face.

Sweet girl

Lily was so excited about the Dora cake I made her...and I must say, I was really proud of it!! :)

Lily showing how she folds her arms.

Peek a boo with the chair.

She decided she was hungry and took the liberty to climb on the counter and peel her own orange (just the little clementine ones).

It was so cute watching her concentrate so hard!

The Peelings


Oh, Daddy is home and he's gonna get me!

Time to light the candles!

She knew to blow out the candles and everything!

Opening her present from Nana and Grandpa

Cool, a Tinkerbell phone and makeup!

Looking at the books and puzzles I got for her.

I got her a Dora doll with the money her grandparents sent her.

My 3 cuties

Brushing Dora's hair.

And for the best part...

Eating cake and Ice Cream!!!
Happy Birthday Princess!! We love you!

Colby's Puppy Party

Colby turned 6 on February 19th!
He had a Puppy Party the day before. He is such a sweetheart - he loves Star Wars and Pokemon, but ultimately decided on a Puppy Party so that the girls he was inviting would like the party, too!!

We started the party out with face painting - which I've never done before - but I paint and thought it would be fun! It turned out adorable and the kids loved it! While they were waiting their turn for the face paint, they made collars out of beads.
Then Bob rounded up the pups for a game of "Trainer says" (Simon Says). We had them all wagging their tails and barking their heads off! :) Next it was time for "Poop Scoop", where they had to scoop poop (Milky Way) out of a box. Believe it or not, they all were scoopin' poop as fast as they could!
After Pizza and drinks we had one last game - fetch the bones. They had to find paper bones around the family room - for each one found they got to pick a prize from the prize box.
Colby got so many cool gifts and we appreciate all your kiddos that came to the party! Thanks!
Puppy Colby with his new Webkin he bought with money from his grandparents.

Puppy Cake

Eating Pizza

Abby shared her chair with Colby because we were a couple short! What a sweetie!

Puppy Brayden

Present Time

And more presents...

Just a few more!

Cake Time

All the little Puppies with the bones they found! Don't they look cute!!